Tuesday Sep 05, 2023

66. From Chaos to Calm: How Creating a Routine Can Transform Your Life

If you're feeling overwhelmed and constantly behind on tasks, then you are not alone! Despite your efforts to stay organized, you may find yourself constantly firefighting and struggling to catch up. The late nights and early mornings may be leaving you exhausted and drained, with little time for self-care or relaxation.

Highlights in this episode:

  • Discover how fostering a routine not only boosts productivity but also minimizes stress in day to day life.
  • Understand how to deal with unexpected hiccups such as missing shots during a photography session.
  • Appreciate the extensive benefits of maintaining a morning or evening routine and how it can affect your productivity.
  • Get a sneak peek into Brittnie's personal evening routine and learn tips for enhancing your efficiency.
  • Grasp Brittnie's objectives for her morning routine and learn how to build new habits successfully.


Embrace the Benefits of a Routine

Developing a consistent routine can play an integral role in boosting productivity and curbing stress. It offers a sense of structure, helping us allocate time efficiently and prioritize tasks effectively. In other words, adopting a routine encourages discipline, fosters focus, and augments our overall well-being.

Discover the Power of Routine

The strength of routine lies in its ability to transform our daily lives incrementally. It starts with small actions—putting toothbrushes in a holder, doing a load of laundry daily, or simply shutting off phones at a specific time. All these micro-changes can, over time, evolve into powerful habits and drastically improve our productivity.

Handle Unexpected Challenges

Adopting a routine can empower us to face unexpected hurdles with less panic and more poise. When things go awry, like missing an essential detail at work, instead of panicking, we can rely on our routine to provide a sense of normalcy and control. It creates a safety net that cushions the blow from unforeseen obstacles, enhancing our mental resilience.


If you're feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the lack of website traffic and business leads then you are not alone! Many photographers are struggling to see the desired results because their SEO on Pinterest is not effectively optimized. Instead, they may be experiencing low engagement, minimal visibility, and missed opportunities for potential clients to discover their work.

Highlights in this episode:

  • Uncover secrets to using location-based keywords for elevated search rankings.
  • Learn to effectively leverage Tailwind for optimal pin scheduling.
  • Gain understanding of Pinterest analytics to tweak and enhance performance.
  • Enjoy professional insights for addressing business challenges and providing continuous guidance. 

Maximizing Pinterest's SEO optimization

Pinterest isn't just a social media platform – it's a search engine like Google. By fully utilizing your Pinterest account and capitalizing on SEO optimization, you can increase visibility and capture a larger audience for your photography business. This involves making strategic alterations such as using local area descriptors in your profile and optimizing your Pinterest boards with relevant, searchable names.

Using location-based keywords for search rankings

Given the importance of local business for photographers, incorporating location-based keywords is a great strategy to improve search rankings. This involves implementing specific local names or terms in your Pinterest profile, boards, and image descriptions. These additions can significantly increase your searchability and reach, potentially drawing in clients looking for photography services in their local area.

Leveraging Tailwind for pin scheduling

Tailwind is a valuable tool for digital marketers, particularly for Pinterest strategizing. It aids in scheduling your pins and optimizing them for search with relevant keywords. Regular use of Tailwind can simplify your pinning routine, maximize efficiency, and lead to boosted website traffic and potentially, increased business prospects. Utilizing the ghost writing feature to automatically generate relevant keywords is especially beneficial for an optimized Pinterest presence.


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